EU develops common policy for industries from Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova

The EU-funded project “Vulnerable Employment in Machinery in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine: Setting a Common Policy Agenda” published a policy paper on 14 February.

The paper focuses on the transformation of the machine industry in the three countries, according to EU Neighbours East Info.

The in-depth analytical report of the current situation of the machine industry describes the sector’s vulnerabilities and prospects and proposes policy mechanisms for each of the three countries to support employment in the industry.

The report highlights that, in order to make Belarusian machinery producers more competitive in the EU market and diversify the range of products available for export, Belarus needs to utilise the potential of technical education and its national research base. In doing so, it can increase the share of high value added engineering products and effectiveness of investment.

It also highlights that Ukrainian machin­ery exports need to open up new markets and expand existing ones. More advanced products will also be in demand in its large local market. However, in order to open up and expand markets and to increase the share of high value added products, the Ukrainian government must take more active steps which focus on its engineering sector.

In Moldova, further optimisation of the structure of machinery will increase machinery exports to the EU market and utilise a greater proportion of the local work force. Cooperation with EU investors through infrastructure development and general improvement of the business climate will provide new opportunities in the EU market for Moldovan machinery products and supply chains.

By The Financial.

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