EU continues to support Republic of Moldova to implement reforms

The European Union will continue to support the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova and the Police to implement the required reforms. Such a conclusion was drawn within the meeting of the Director Committee within the Budgetary Police Support for 2016-2020 years.

At the event participated Peter Michalko, the EU Ambassador to Republic of Moldova, Dorin Purice, state secretary, development partners, civil society representtives and MAI representatives.

Among the participants there was Alexandru Jizdan, the minister of Internal Affairs who mentioned the results obtained in 2017, the investments in the Police Development strategy, that is a good project both for the Police and citizens.

At the same time, the EU Delegation chief mentioned that the citizens of Moldova will evaluate the results of all the projects that were implemented, they are worth a democratic society and a good qualified police.

Within the meeting there were targeted such issues as fighting against corruption, providing a modern telecommunication system, improving the Police work conditions and so on.


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