EU border assistance mission offers cars to Moldovan Border Police, Customs Service

EUBAM donated eight vehicles to Moldova’s Border Police and Customs Service, in a ceremony at the headquarters of Moldova’s Border Police.

The event was attended by Ambassador Andrew Tesoriere, Head of EUBAM, acting Head of the Moldovan Border Police, Ianus Erhan, and Deputy Head of the Moldovan Customs Service, Grigore Ionitov.

The vehicles, formerly used by EUBAM in Moldova, are capable of operating in off-road conditions, and will increase the capacity of both services to conduct patrols and operations along the whole border.

Ambassador Andrew Tesoriere, Head of EUBAM, welcomed the handover as a sign of increasing ownership of EUBAM-led initiatives by the Border Police and Customs Service.

Accepting the four vehicles for Moldova’s Customs Service, Mr. Grigore Ionitov, Deputy Head of Moldova’s Customs Service reflected on its sustained partnership with EUBAM, stating: “The Customs Service is expressing its gratitude for the sustainable support offered by EUBAM that has become throughout these years one of the most important strategic partners of the institution. We would like to thank you for the openness wherewith you approach all initiatives of the Customs Service, the methodological and technical support of which has led to the achievement of the most ambitious projects.”


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