Estonian experts share their outlook on reforms in education system

The Ministry of Education has two solutions for the problems of education sector: a single principal for more schools and teacher's pay based on performances. The proposes were made by a group of experts from Estonia. According to them, such a measure would reduce the expenses and increase the employee efficiency.

Although they admit that changes are needed, some school principals say it would be hard to give up the institution he leads.

Estonian experts consider that one manager could manage several institutions, with up to 3,500 students. But executives do not agree with them.

The recommendations also predict that teachers who have reached a certain performance can teach in different institutions.

Experts have proposed that teachers should be payed based on performance and not necessarily the number of hours taught. But leaders of education considers the proposed reforms are too radical.

After public discussions, experts will come up with a final report and recommendations will be implemented as pilot projects in some schools.

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