Epidemiological threshold for influenza and acute respiratory infections exceeded in Moldova

Last week, the epidemiological threshold for influenza and acute respiratory tract infections was exceeded. If the situation continues for another two weeks in a row, the epidemic period will be declared.

According to the specialists of the National Agency for Public Health, the situation is normal for this period and was recorded in the cold season of last year.

According to ANSP data, 37 percent more cases of respiratory infections than last week were recorded. The number of illnesses is lower compared to the same period last year. 

There were 306 cases of influenza and over 13 thousand 700 acute upper respiratory infections in total, throughout the Moldova, between January 30 and February 2. 

In order to protect ourselves from infections, ANSP recommends that we go to the doctor as soon as we have symptoms of viral infections or influenza.

Also, specialists said the best way to protect ourselves is to respect hygiene and to wash our hands as often as possible with soap and disinfectant.


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