Environmental impact of construction of power plant on Dniester river (VIDEO)

The environmental disaster on the Dniester is delayed, but apparently could not be avoided.

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For people to fully understand the danger of the construction of power plants on the Dniester river, our colleagues have shot a short overview on the history of the Dniester hydropower.

Publika.MD recalls that Dniester River is likely to reach a disastrous state in the next ten years. The warning comes from a group of 50 environmental NGOs in the country. The associations have expressed concern over the intention of the authorities in Kiev to raise six new hydroelectricity plants near Dniester.

Activists have asked the European Commission and other international institutions to initiate an investigation into the legality of construction.

Ukrainian authorities have already organized tenders for appointment of the company that will build the plants over Dniester River.

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