Entrepreneurs fail to pay garbage fee will be sanctioned

Around seven thousand entrepreneurs in Chisinau don't pay the garbage fee, although they use the service of Auto Salubrity Registry. 

The City Hall complains about the annual loss due to this reason. Now, he wants to change the situation and insist that Parliament should tighten up the fines.

Those who pay fee for waste disposal are angry at this situation. 

"The authority needs to sanction them. The fine should be high. Lots of people make this city dirty". 

Head of Auto Salubrity Registry, Eugeniu Axentiev, claims annual losses of roughly 200 thousand lei to clean the waste of people who don't pay fee.  

Residents of block pay 9 lei per person for garbage disposal. Entrepreneurs pay 120 lei for each cubic meter of waste dumps. 

It remains unclear how much the fines will be. At present, economic agents risk sanctions of up to 13, 500 lei, and individuals - up to 1,800 lei.

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