Entrepreneurs back fiscal reform: Initiative reduces pressure on business environment

Business people appreciate the fiscal reform, entrepreneurship incentive package and population growth, proposed by the government. According to them, lowering social contributions from 23 till 18 percent will diminish cash-in-hand phenomenon. 

Entrepreneurs believe that the measures proposed by the Executive will reduce the pressure on the business environment and create better conditions for employees.

Vladimir Mitru is part of a group of transport and agriculture companies. He says that thanks to the reform they will manage to invest money in business development and increase employee wages.

"We've made a calculation, thanks to the social contribution discounts, we'll have savings of around 170 thousand lei monthly. Some millions lei annually. I think that this money will be redirected to the increase of the gross salary of our employees, "said Vladimir Mitru, entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs claim that the Government's initiative has generally positive effects for the economy.

"It will be a very big benefit for the employer, for the employees, and for the whole state. In fact, people's income will increase, consumption will increase, more goods will be purchased and this will boost the economy", said Ştefan Golobciuc, president of the Conservation Producers Association.

The tax reform also provides for the increase of the personal exemption from over 11 thousand lei to 24 thousand lei. Additionally, citizens who receive a lower salary than the subsistence minimum will not pay taxes.

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