Energy Community helps Moldova to make power acquisition more transparent

The Energy Community Secretariat and the Ministry of Economy of Moldova have finalised the Guidelines for the Annual Procurement of Electricity on 5 January.

The Guidelines state that procurement of electricity in Moldova will be monitored by a ‘Group of Observers’ which will include Moldovan officials, the Energy Community Secretariat and EU Delegation to Moldova representatives. The Group will ensure that the procurement process is non-discriminatory.

“The Ministry of Economy has been open and constructive to this idea from the beginning. Our hope is that the Guidelines will increase transparency and legitimacy of electricity procurement in the specific circumstances of the Moldovan market. It is a first step and we will use the experience made during this procurement period to make further progress in the future,” said Deputy Director Dirk Buschle.

The Guidelines also provide a set of transparent selection criteria and give the chance for short-listed tenderers to improve their financial offer. The document will soon be adopted by the Ministry of Economy and will be used for the first time this month during the electricity procurement procedure. ENPI-INFO writes.

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