End of winter holidays. Country's main Christmas tree taken down

The holidays have ended. The country's main Christmas tree, which was enjoyed by Chisinau residents for a month and a half, will be taken out today, January 16th, from the National Square. Workers are working hard on removing the decorations.

In less than two hours, the workers of the "Green Spaces" took down more than 2,000 decorations, used for decorating the Christmas tree.

Company employees will dismantle seven kilometers of festive lightning. This year's tree is over 17 meters high and was brought from Vasieni village, Ialoveni district. The tree will be used for reparation of park benches.

Capital residents who failed to take pictures near the Christmas tree already regret it.  

Economic agents will remove the booths from center of Chisinau, along with the festive lightning.

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