Employees from local public administration might receive higher salaries

Employees from local public administration might receive higher salaries. Members of the People's Assembly have sent Parliament a legislative initiative in this regard.

The document enables mayors and districts councils to determine the employees' wages, depending on the local budget. 

At present, the minimum salary of the civil servant is 2,200 lei.

The authors of the project propose that the law will set the minimum wage. 

Employees of the city halls and local councils say they don't manage with low wage. 

"We don't manage without loans. These loans generate even bigger debts," said Comrat Mayor Eudochia Cerdari.

In addition, salaries are disproportionately low in relation to responsibilities the officials have to assume. 

"From morning till night people come to me in the office. We are dealing with the investment projects," said Maxima Railean, chief architect of Comrat.

According to the mayor of Comrat, around 3 million lei of local budget is provided annually for the salaries of the employees. If the project is approved, the local government could still identify at least one million lei.

The document is due to be officially registered in Parliament and examined in standing committees, and then in plenary. If it enters into force, it will be operational throughout the country.
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