Emotions and beautiful memories. The graduates of Ion Creanga High School have reviewed their colleagues and former teachers

Dozens of graduates of Ion Creanga High School from Capital attended the invitation of the 12th grade students and the teachers and came to their former school last night. On December 26, high school celebrates both the graduates' day and the day of the institution. The guests embraced colleagues and teachers whom they have not seen for years.

After being greeted with an artistic program, teachers invited their former students to classes.

"I am a child emotion. I would have liked to come to this school and play our lessons", said Grigore Gajin, a graduate.

Camelia Saranciuc is a fresh graduate that teachers have just words of praise. After graduation, the young woman went to France to continue her studies, but she did not forget the school she learned the most.

"There are indeed memories that even now we are far away miles away are always present in our souls", said Camelia Saranciuc, a graduate.

In order to feel again, the hosts have prepared various activities for graduates.

"Very happy, very happy when I come and say that we are successful there. I miss them always. I had a very good children", said Maria Filipescu, conductor.

Teachers say the former students stayed in their hearts.

"It is really a symbolic day for us, but now for the Christmas holidays, they all come home and it is the most suitable day for this event", said Corneliu Solomon, director of the Ion Creanga high school.

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