Emilian Coţaga Children Hospital can now offer better conditions for its young patients

Starting next summer, children with burns admitted at "Emilian Coţaga" hospital will be able to enjoy proper conditions and will no longer suffer from the heatwave. On the halls were installed Air Conditioners, while all windows were covered with curtains. The money were provided by a non governmental organization that also managed to build a playground at the institution.

Children could no wait to try out the swings and slides:

"There is not much to do here and new we have a place where we can play and have fun. I will go and try the merry go round."

"What do you like the best here? -Merry go round! -Why? -Because it spins around very fast."

The charity organization has managed to raise 100 thousand lei. The money were more than enough to purchase four Air Conditioners and eight curtains.

"When temperatures in summer rose to 40- 45 degrees Celsius, it was impossible to stay here. Now we can use the Air Conditioners to both cool down during summer and warm up in winter. Sanitary conditions enhanced, as well as that of immobilized children" vice Director of "Emilian Coţaga" Children Hospital, Vasile Tomuz declared.

"After visiting children who suffered from burns, I felt on my skin the 45 degrees Celsius heatwave in summer and realized that they need more than just toys" Svetlana Sainsus, co-founder of caritate.md, said.

The children's parents are happy for this improvement:

"We can now adjust the light for children. Maybe it will help lessen the pain."

"God forbid anyone being admitted here, but the conditions are pleasant. Children have a place to play."

Each year, over 700 children from all over the country are admitted to hospitals for burns.

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