Emergency training. How well prepared is Moldova in case of earthquake

Experts from the operational control center for emergencies have gathered to test the authorities' ability to make decisions during an earthquake.

The training is organized for all specialists, in order for them to be able to take important decisions in no time.

According to the scenario the 7.5 degrees earthquake claimed over 2,000 victims in Moldova. It's epicenter was located in Vrancea Mountains, Romania. Over 7,055 people injured, 4,959 killed and 9,101 missing registered there.

Fortunately, it is just an emergency training for specialists in the operational control center for emergencies.

Thus, according to experts, the Government needs to request international assistance if the state no longer has resources. 

Following the earthquake,  the country ran out of energy resources, and in order to connect with the international teams, specialists will use radio stations.

International experts say that Moldovan specialists are trained and could withstand a potential earthquake.

Moldova has a very good experience in terms of the prevention and disaster response.

The center is equipped by the latest conditions required for such activities.

Participants in this exercise were previously trained under the program and they have the knowledge to engage in such risks.

The training is only the first part of the program to prevent and reduce disaster for Eastern Europe. It occurs in countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus.

An exercise will be organized where rescue teams will participate in six European countries in September, 2017. 

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