Emergency Medical Care Unit inaugurated in Feteşti

Ambulance will arrive faster to those ill in Feteşti village, Edineţ district. An Emergency Medical Care Unit was inaugurated in the settlement. Those services will be available to another six settlements that are at over 20 km from the district's center. For a total of 13 thousand people. The institution received a new Ambulance and all the necessary medical equipment.

"We have medicine, cardiograph, a well equipped and new ambulance"doctor Ludmila Ursachi declared.

"New jobs are available. We are very happy. Ill people will be brought here, we have all the necessary equipment" nurse Adela Graur announced.

Residents are also happy that now they will not need to wait for hours until an Ambulance to arrives.

"Many elders remained to live here, most having an ill health. It used to take half an hour for an Ambulance to arrive from Edineț. Now, help will arrive in ten minutes."

"We are happy that the clinic was opened in our village, to help both people from here, as well as from other villages."

The Emergency Medical Care unit was opened in the village's Health Center. Repair and management works having taken six months to complete.

"To build this unit was spend over 1 million 300 thousand lei. 100 thousand were also spend to acquire new furniture"deputy chief of the National Urgent Care Center, Alexandru Ghidirimschi explained.

"It took six months to bring this idea to life. It is important to create European standards at home. To ensure that all people have the chance to receive quality medical care" deputy Oleg Sârbu said.

In the past two years, over 20 institutions for Emergency Medical Care from the country were renovated and received new equipment. 

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