Eleonora Graur former president of Rezina district request Maia Sandu to stop the intimidations to her address

The Democrat MP, Eleonora Graur, former president of Rezina district, request Maia Sandu to stop the intimidations to her address. In a Facebook post, the official requested the PM to not operate with false and unfounded charges.

The reaction comes right after while in a press-conference, the PM charged the PD MP  for intimidation of the economical agents from the district that she administrated through setting-up fiscal posts. 

The MP declares that this action is contradictory with her service tasks, so the charges are false.

'A fiscal post is placed at an economical agent according to the fiscal code. I think this is the case when is needed the State Fiscal Inspectorate's declaration because these are their tasks and they must come with a declaration based on this', declared the PDM MP, Eleonora Graur.

Also, the MP denied the charges made within a talk-show of JurnalTV, according to what Eleonora Graur's mother received state's help due to her daughter. The MP also added that her mother, being a victim of stalinist deportations, benefited last year of a material help worth only 200 MDL, this being the only compensation offered by the public local authorities.

'My mother never received social compensations, not from the District's Council, nor from the City Hall of Cuizauca. The speculations about the social compensations it's nothing else than a repression compensation, because my mother was born in the Altai region, in Siberia', said the PDM MP, Eleonora Graur.

Eleonora Graur awaits for Maia Sandu to publicly deny her charges, otherwise she will sue her.

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