Electronic signature attracts more and more Moldovan users

More and more people opt for electronic signatures, reaching 185,000 Moldovan people since 2019, 7.6% increase compared with 2018. 

The cost of this signature is 350 lei, and the service request is made by a pre-programmed telephone. This can be obtained from several accredited institutions. These include the Center for Information Technologies in Finance.

"The electronic certificate can be enrolled on the stick, it can be written on the ID card, it can be used with mobile phones. In case of a stick you need a Internet connected computer, "said Corneliu Jaloba, director of the Center for Information Technologies in Finance.

The procedure for obtaining the electronic signature is very simple. Just take your identity card. Perfecting takes about 30 minutes.

The official data also show that in 2018, about 172,000 people had an electronic signature, of which almost 98,000 were natural persons and almost 76,000 legal persons.




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