Electoral Commission to simulate uninominal constituencies this week

The creation of uninominal constituencies for 2018 parliamentary elections will be simulated at the end of this week. The decision was taken at the meeting of the parliamentary commission. By the end of the month, its members will be required to submit a decision on the boundaries of the constituencies.

"We are going to do some simulations by joining two or three administrative-territorial units, then trying to place the constituencies in such a way that they organically break through each other, not to exceed the number of voters we have spoken of, the basic rule is that we can not disperse a town hall in different constituencies, "said Iurie Ciocan, chairman of the district constituency committee.

A special constituency will be established in Taraclia, although the district has a smaller number of voters than necessary. That's because most Bulgarians live there.

"Although the Taraclia district has a smaller number, 55-60 thousand voters, but it falls within the decision of the Government, we establish that a constituency can be established here as the number exception," said Sergiu Coropceanu, secretary general of the PSD.

The law on the introduction of the mixed voting system provides for 50 deputies to be elected on party lists and 51 - directly to citizens in uninominal constituencies.
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