Elections 2016: Moldovan presidential post to be sought by 12 candidates

12 candidates will fight for the position of president. Central Election Commission registered the last candidates who submitted their petitions last week.

Today, four of those who have submitted signatures were admitted to the electoral race, and the other four were rejected because they did not meet the necessary conditions.

Of the eight who submitted their signatures c to Central Electoral Commission , only four were registered as candidates out of those eight. The candidates are Ana Gutu, candidate of the "Right" party and Valeriu Ghileţchi, Maia Laguta and Silvia Radu independent candidates.

"I have no rival. Moldova needs to elect a president independent of all political forces, like Maia Laguta, that's the only candidate and the only hope" , said independent candidate Maia Laguta.

"It will be quite a difficult campaign, I realize quite well. I realize very well the constraints that we have in terms of time, but I think I'll be able to sent this message to as many people" , said Valeriu Ghileţchi.

Instead, Ion Dron, Roman Mihăeş, Vasile Tarlev and Vitalia Pavlicenco were not admitted in the race, because some of the signatures have not been validated. Some of them said they would appeal the CEC decision.

"They have not found any false signature or one that doubles with other candidates. They haven't validated 2,500 signatures for the reason the procedure. So they have not been declared false" ,  said Roman Mihăeş.

Previously, eight other candidates were registered. The Democrat Marian Lupu, Mihai Ghimpu, the candidate of PPEM, Iurie Leanca, the "Dignity ad Truth" party leader, Andrei Nastase, the "Sor" party representative, Inna Popenco, PAS candidate, Maia Sandu, the "Our Party" representative Dmitry Ciubaşenco, and Socialist Igor Dodon.

The electoral campaign will run until October 29th.


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