Elders from PDM Buiucani proved that age is just a number at concert organized for them

Elder people from Democratic Party's territorial organization from Buiucani have proven that age is just a number. They have danced like they were young again and had fun in a concert organized for them.

Along the music, the older people also enjoyed a feast and received a package filled with produce:

"This means a lot to us, as every small action done for elders in this day and age is of great help."

"It encourages us, as we know that they have not forgotten about us. We wish to thank people who organize, not only today's party, but all meetings."

Deputy from PDM, Valentina Rotaru came forth with a congratulation message: "We are thankful for your contribution in our society. Because you actions have allowed us to have a better future, we must never forget that and enjoy everything we have."

The International Day of Older Persons is celebrated every year, at the beginning of October.

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