Elderly people have better PENSIONS, after valorisation. They will invest money in health, trips and buy gifts for grandchildren

Larger pensions will allow them to invest in health, see the world, and buy more gifts for their grandchildren. This is what they say will spend the most elderly people who have benefited from increases during the last stage of valorisation.

For 40 years, Valentina Capatina from Ialoveni worked as an accountant. Four years ago he retired. She was getting 1,900 lei, too little for her work, she said. Following revaluation and indexation, the pension is almost double.

"The reform is welcome, because it is said that the money is not many. The pension increased, we have 3,700 lei, we manage, we are two retirees, but it is still more desirable", said Valentina Capatina, resident of Ialoveni.

He worked with figures and the Gujuman Olympics in Orhei. Following the reform, the woman receives more than a thousand lei.

"When I saw the difference of 1,000 and some lei, of course, I really enjoyed 2,840 lei. I took a gift, a bag, already the second month since I received it", said the Olympics Gujuman, accounts for the city of Orhei.

Zinaida Baleanu from Braviceni village is retired from 2015 but continues to work at the "Ion Luca Caragiale" High School in Orhei, as a history teacher. For 14 years, he also served as Deputy Director of this institution. Her pension has risen, after valuation, by about 600 lei.

"I was pleasantly surprised to have surpassed a bit the calculation I have made. We still need a sanitarium, we need a trip, we need to take care, and for us somebody thinks, invest in us", said Zinaida Baleanu, teacher of Braviceni village, Orhei district.

During the fourth round of valorisation, which is the last, about 95,000 elderly and disabled people receive higher pensions, on average 300 lei. They retired during 2014-2017. The reform was initiated in 2017.

Thanks to it, over 300,000 people have benefited from increased pensions.

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