Eighth PDM Congress. Vlad Plahotniuc: We will be a party which drives things to the end

Vlad Plahotniuc is the new leader of the Democratic Party. He was supported by all 900 delegates present at the Eighth Congress of the party.

The new president of the Democratic Party announced what are his priorities and said that PDM will be a party of citizens, where each of them can expose their visions on the country's development.

"The best place that the Democratic Party must occupy in order to be close to people is not in politics. It is not in the limelight where each party plays its role and expect applause after that. No political scene must squeeze us together with other parties, but sometime we must descend among people" said PDM president Vlad Plahotniuc.

Vlad Plahotniuc said that PDM will take advantage of being in government to achieve successful projects of the party.

"The Democratic Party must position itself as a party that delivers specific results. A party that makes things all the way. A party of action. That means doing politics for the people and not make shows on TV or in social networks acting like Vlad Tepes or Snow White" said the PDM leader.

Plahotniuc also said he will focus on modernizing the political party, to become a party that promotes the interests of citizens and not one with geopolitical interests.

"We has various parties in Moldova: pro-Russian, pro-Romanian, pro-American. These forced divisions of the society are making population hysteric and creates for everyone an atmosphere of total insecurity in the country. In Moldova, the electoral campaigns in particular, and often after them, you feel that the Americans, Europeans, Romanians, Russians are beating each other. But where are the Moldovans here? What is the party of Moldovans? What party to which people can report, to walk confidently towards it, knowing that it will solve their problems. This party it must be the Democratic Party" said Vlad Plahotniuc.

In his speech, Vlad Plahotniuc thanked his predecessors, Dumitru Diacov and Marian Lupu, from whom he took lessons of political maturity.

During the PDM Congress, Prime Minister Pavel Filip was elected as first vice president of the party.

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