Eight villages of Hâncești district benefited from EU biomass energy project

People in eight villages of Hâncești district gave up gas and coal and switched to green energy and manage to make impressive savings. 

Biomass heating system has operated in boarding kindergarten from Cotul Morii village since 2013. This was enabled thanks to  the European Union's investments made under the project "Energy and Biomass".

Accordingly, the two boilers were installed to provide four institution blocks thermal energy: alimentary block, sport block, kindergarten and school. The administration says that thanks to this project they make savings of over 10 thousand lei a month.

Two hundred children are studying in the institution of three thousand square meter. The administration says it has switched to biomass heating to save the school budget, but also to protect the environment.

"We have already managed to accumulate savings, but the most important thing is that the money that is spent on purchasing renewable energy is to buy the equipment in the sports halls or for the teaching materials," said Mayor of Cotul Morii village, Lucia Guşciuc.

Children are glad that lessons take place in warm rooms.

"Our lives have changed dramatically thanks to this project. During classes, we feel comfortable and can concentrate on studying". 

In total, 12 public institutions from Hânceşti district benefited from this project.

"This is an example of the European Union's assistance to the Republic of Moldova in improving the living conditions of its citizens," said European Union Ambassador to Moldova, Peter Michlako.

The investments of the Energy and Biomass Project in Hânceşti district are over five hundred thousand euros.

The project is carried out within the framework of the Energy and Biomass Project, implemented by the United Nations Development Program

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