Education Minister with parents, students: Curriculum reforms requested to offer students healthy lives

Curriculum program modification is to help students study and live healthily. This was requested by students and their parents who were in a meeting with Education Minister Monica Babuc at a high school in Straseni.

Over 50 parents and their children from districts attended the discussion. 

Parents and students say that they spend hours on preparing their homework:

"They have to learn a lot, this is not so healthy as they should sleep at 22:00".

"Children have seven lessons and in case of 12th grade, students don't have fewer seven lessons. They sleep at 2 and get up at 5, 6 o'clock in the morning. It's not good at all."

"We had such interesting discussion with our students to observe their opinions in the curriculum. We also should listen to parents' opinions as well as they're persons along with their kids who have to face this problem", said Monica Babuc. 

Students in Romanian-teaching high schools have 13 compulsory subjects, while children in schools with Russian-teaching ones have 15 compulsory subjects.

Director of the ASM High School introduced the project implemented in 2013 in the institution as an example.

"The project is to give students the right to choose their own subjects, there are six mandatory subjects and the rest are optional. It clearly brings positive results", said Iurie Cristea , director of ASM High School.

According to new declaration, number of reports written by teachers will be reduced by 1/3. Teachers repeatedly stressed the need to implement the reform. 

"We hope that the reports can be reduced by 30 - 40 per cent. We had better spend time improving our professional knowledge and focusing on our students", Iulia Pancu, head of the Ungheni educational department.

"We expect from these discussion that teachers are supported to focus on their the principles of contemporary education," said Ion Condrea, high school professor I.Inculet, Straseni.

Changes to the report in the teaching system will come into effect in 2018.

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