Education Minister, rebuked by Premier for ignoring protesting students

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has reprimanded Education Minister Corina Fusu for not talking with the pedagogy students, who protested this week.

The future teachers are unhappy with the Ministry’s planning to make them study one year more. As a result the draft decision has been withdrawn from today’s agenda of the Cabinet’s sitting

"I have talked with the ones in front of the Government, Mrs. Minister Fusu and it’s bad nobody from the Ministry went to talk to them, at least to listen to them,” Filip said.

Minister Corina Fusu says the ones on the street shall not be affected by the envisaged modifications, as the decision refers to the students which will be enrolled after the document is endorsed. 

"The Education Ministry is right in willing to enhance the teachers’ prestige, better training, more qualitative. A teacher must study a lot," she said.

The Prime Minister has said: “Here you have all my support: we need professional specialists.”

The draft decision providing for more training to future teachers will be discussed tomorrow at an enlarged sitting hosted by the Government.

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