Education as priority in capital budget: 1.8 billion lei to be disbursed

The municipality plans the budget spending of of over 3.9 billion lei next year,  260 million more than in 2017.

However, this figure exceeds the revenues by more than 270 million lei and the project authors propose that the budget deficit to be covered by loans or the sale of some buildings.

As in the past years, most of the municipal budget - over 1.8 billion lei is provided for education.

Just over 700 million lei is planned for transport and road management.

More than 340 million lei will be spent on block grooming, and for social aid - over 300 million.

According to the project, local authorities will have to repay loans worth almost 150 million lei next year. 

The document will be submitted today to the vote in the Municipal Council meeting.


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