Eduard Harunjen: The general prosecution doesn't have the non-performance credits beneficiary list and those publishing the Kroll 2 report risk to pay millions Euros

The General prosecutor Eduard Harunjen denies the information launched by the ACUM MP, Alexandru Slusari, according to which, the non-performance credits beneficiary list would be at the prosecutors.

'The Anti-corruption Prosecution didn't issue to somebody a Kroll report. It's the only exemplary which we received. We will not publish it while Kroll Company does not permit this thing to happen. The Kroll report is on the desk. In contrary, I repeat that somebody is assuming a great risk to pay hundreds and thousands of Euros, maybe millions for the damage caused through disrespecting a contract point', explained Eduard Harunjen.

Also, the Generel Prosecutor mentioned that according to a point from the Kroll report, those who publish the document risk to pay damages worth of hundreds and thousands of Euros, maybe millions.
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