Editorialist Nicolae Negru proves Jurnal TV's interview with Proca was frame-up

The interview from Jurnal TV with the killer Vitalie Proca is fake. In an article of ''Ziarul National'', the journalist Nicolae Negru proves that the interview was fake.

According to Negru, many questions appear after an analysis of Proca's testimonials. The editorialist says  ''Proca was more convincing in the first part of the interview and less convincing in the second part of it. He was philosophizing about the guilt of the one who shot and the one who paid for the murder. He was trying to sensitize, talking about the luck of money, professional failure, illnesses and so on. In the second part, when he was talking about the implication of Vlad Plahotniuc, his speech was based on deductions more than on real facts.''

Nicolae Negru says ''it is strange that when Proca told about his meeting with Plahotniuc, the journalist didn't ask him about the place and the surroundings of the meeting, he just mentioned it was a place in the center of Chisinau.'' It was not specified if it was a public place or a private one (GBC or the Nobil hotel, a bar, a restaurant or the PD premises), the time of the meeting, if the bodyguards were there or not- details that would have made his speech more credible.

''Why didn't the reporter of Jurnal TV ask about those important things? Maybe because of the luck of experience. She should have asked, because Proca's sayings don't present another Plahotniuc who is not careful, who risks. Why would have a deputy, the vice President of the Parliament, who is always followed by press meet with killer in a public place? Because of curiosity? It is not impossible, but, anyway, it requires poofs that are missing in this case. I understand that the shady are privileged by our press, but not unlimited'', writes Negru. 

Moreover, the editorialist mentioned that in his speech about Vlad Plahotniuc, Proca uses ''expressions that I have already read somewhere.''

It is strange that the reporter of Jurnal TV didn't ask the killer about his relationship with Renato Usatii. Moreover,'' Vlad Butnaru didn't ask this question either'', says Negru.

''It is still unknown how did the ''Romanian authorities'' contribute at this interview. From the first question it is clear the initiative comes from Proca. Not every killer can be allowed to give an interview. Jurnal TV was trustful with Proca. Jurnal TV showed they support Proca and Renato Usatii and accepted their sayings as truths'', writes Nicolae Negru in his editorial.


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