Edelweiss Parks project: New playground set up in Drochia

Now children from Drochia can use a modern playground. It has been set up in the framework of the project “Edelweiss Parks”, launched by Vlad Plahotniuc’s Edelweiss Foundation. The parents are grateful that their children will have a safe playground, built from ecologic materials.

Tens of children from Drochia came to test the new swings and slides:

“I like the castles, slides and balloons. I am glad that they built all this for us.”

“It was a misery, everything was broken. I did not like this place, but now I will come here every day.”

“Everything is colorful, there are swings, slides, all we like.”

The parents are grateful for the new playground, the only one in Drochia:

“It is a joy for our children. We do not have any laid-out areas. It is the first place of this kind, very beautiful and necessary. Long life for Edelweiss Foundation and Mr. Vlad Plahotniuc.”

“This field which was set up corresponds to all European standards. This shows the fact that Moldova is wanted to be modernized. To have both playgrounds and other interesting projects for the entire country” declared PDM deputy Corneliu Padnevici.

Until now, over 30 modern playgrounds were opened in many localities.

Per total, the project “Edelweiss Parks” foresees the setting up of 40 playgrounds in the entire country.

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