"Edelweiss Parks", a new campaign launched for improving childhood started in Ialoveni and Hancesti

Tens of children from Hancesti and Ialoveni will have a better childhood. Today, in these cities were opened new playgrounds which will be free for all people. This kind of playgrounds will be opened in many Moldovan cities in the framework of the project “Edelweiss Parks” launched by Vlad Plahotniuc’ s “Edelweiss” Foundation. The campaign also foresees the establishment of a playground for children with special needs, which will be opened in Chisinau.

The children from Hancesti were the first who received a playground established in the framework of the project “Edelweiss Parks”, launched by Vlad Plahotniuc’s “Edelweiss” Foundation.

The children were those with biggest emotions, and did not hesitate to test the new playground.

“It is very interesting on this slide and the shaking bridge.”

“I like very much here and it is great, at home I don’t have something like this.”

“This playground means a lot to our city, to these kids. I want to personally thank Mr. Vlad Plahotniuc for many other projects in Hancesti” declared the mayor of Hancesti, Alexandru Botnari.

One of the 40 playgrounds was opened today in Ialoveni district. Here the children may play on swings and on slides manufactured from ecological materials”.

The children from Ialoveni were delighted by the new playground where they can play:

“This playground looks very beautiful, funny and merry.”

“I liked most of all to go on those slides.”

Parents say that until now it was a big problem for them to go with children to a playground:

“It is very good that they did this.”

“Let me say that until now it was a big problem with these playgrounds. As you see, there are no words, for us it is also very good.”

“Children are waiting this kind of playgrounds for a long time, we built a few of them, but it is not of a good quality, and we are very thankful for this project” has declared the mayor of Ialoveni, Sergiu Armasu.

The project “Edelweiss Parks” was launched by Vlad Plahotniuc’s “Edelweiss” Foundation and foresees the opening of 40 playgrounds in many cities during the following months. For the first time, the project will also open a park for children with disabilities. 

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