Edelweiss is fulfilling dreams: Family from Hincesti town received a house (Photos)

They wanted a house large enough for everybody, where all could eat at the table, not on the bed. A family from Caracui village, Hancesti town received today, November 18th, a house.

The mother, father and three children were given a spacious dwelling as a gift from Vlad Plahotniuc's "Edelweiss" Foundation.

The new house of Mititelu family has two bedrooms, one for parents and one for their two daughters and a son.

If until now the family was eating on the bed in the bedroom, now they gather in a spacious kitchen, equipped with everything they need, including a fridge and wardrobe.

Moreover, the new house has a comfortable bathroom with hot water.

So far, the family lived in an old house in the Caracui village. The two girls were born with birth malformations, and all the money was spent on treatment.

Constantin, the middle son, says that sometimes the bed was to small to sleep in.

The new house was purchased in the Sarata Galbena village of Hânceşti district where Constantin will go to school. 

House was renovated, furnished and equipped with all necessary conditions. In addition to the new home, the girls received a wheelchair, and the boy - toys.

"We never expected so much! We expect something better, but not so much better" ,  confessed the owners of the new house.

The "Edelweiss" Foundation representatives claim that they worked with dedication.

"I have identified as a family very hard working, good, that any difficulties they experience and we decided to come to our help as they could build a better future from that house," said Lara Moraru Executive Director of Edelweiss Foundation.

Mititelu family received the keys to the house in late October at the sixth edition of Gala Edelweiss.

"That's your house. You want to heat, take advantage of it and you feel like you must feel the warmth of a family with children that are there Paret," said Vlad Plahotniuc, founder of the Foundation "Edelweiss".

"Now thanks to the Edelweiss Foundation and Mr. Vlad Plahotniuc, I think it would be much easier" , said Simion Mititelu.

The "Edelweiss" Foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc has helped over 700,000 people in six years since the foundation.

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