Edelweiss Foundation's "Mobile pediatric office" has come to Soldanesti

Tens of children from Pohoarna village, Soldanesti district, have been examined for free by the pediatric physicians in the framework of the campaign “Moldova Rebirth”, initiated by Edelweiss Foundation. Most illnesses were found at children with unhealthy alimentation.

Parents were thankful that their children received free professional medical consultation.

“We have examined children with various pathologies. We found child suffering from obesity, allergies. The allergy appears mostly because of incorrect alimentation” said the pediatric physician Cristina Burlac-Pasat.

The present children could benefit from a detailed investigation of internal organs.

In this campaign are involved 14 pediatric physicians and seven echography specialists.

The campaign “Moldova Rebirth”, initiated by Edelweiss Foundation, will last for eight months.

In this period, children from various districts, as Drochia, Donduseni and Edinet will benefit from free medical assistance

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