Edelweiss Foundation launches a new project dedicated to foster parents in Moldova

Vlad Plahotniuc Foundation Edelweiss has launched a new project dedicated to foster parent. The campaign begun with a visit to family of Ceban with  in Cuşmirca village, Şoldăneşti district.  
During 38 years of marriage, Anastasia and Lilia have taken of their five children and other foster children. 
"We really love them and try to make the best for them", said Lilia Ceban.
All children always take to help their foster parents. Vlad, for example, likes to take care of domestic animals. 
"I like to feed the care for the rabbits", said a foster child Vladimit Chiosca.
While Gabrielei loves to do house chores around the house. 
"Today I help mother clean the house, wash dishes", said Gabrielei. 
The story of Ceban family really impressed Foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc, so the representatives of Edelweiss started new campaign dedicated to people like Anastasia and Lilia. 

Edelweiss team came to visit the family with a television, electric oven, sweets, toys and food. Ceban family are happy to have a new television so that the children can watch cartoon movie.  

"Thank you, Foundation Edelweiss of Vlad Plahotniuc because they don't forget Moldovan people", said Anastasia Ceban.
Moreover, the family also received a present - 10,000 lei from the foundation. 

"They are an extraordinarily impressive family as they are sincere and children-loving. The children are also kind, good-hearted. We wish them a beautiful future further on", said executive director of Edelweiss foundation, Lidia Cucoş.
The Foundation pledged to help more foster parents in Moldova until this year end. 


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