Edelweiss Foundation gives new opportunities to 20 students from Hancesti

Twenty students, graduates of the gymnasiums from Hancesti district will have a special summer holiday. They will participate in many development trainings, both personal and professional, in the framework of the School of the Edelweiss ambassadors. During a week, the students will be guided by trainers from Moldova and Romania.

For participations to the School of Edelweiss Ambassadors shave registered teenagers of 15 and 16 years old from Hancesti district. After a preselection, were selected only 20 who were best.

“I have decided to participate to this project, because I want to find new opportunities in order to find my way for the future, I also want to learn English.”

“I have accepted the challenge to participate in this training with the objective of discovering myself, to find new friends, new opportunities, to see in which I am good.”

The teenagers have great expectations in this project.

“I expect to decide, to be sure that I won’t regret if I won’t choose medicine. At the end of this project I hope to have a possible variant in which I could choose my vocation.”

“Probably to change me, to be more audacious, more developed, to know more, to be more active, more creative.”

The School of Edelweiss ambassadors is a unique project, organized for the first time.

“Our idea is to trigger them to learn in the future, to continue with the university education and to have future careers that are fit for each of them. We want to show them various possibilities in which they can from the future” has declared the executive director of Edelweiss foundation, Lara Moraru.

Edelweiss Foundation will help these students also during the year. Once in two weeks they will participate in team buildings, will meet remarkable persons and will make visits to many successful  enterprises from Moldova.

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