Edelweiss award the best teachers and pupils in Nisporeni district

Vlad Plahotniuc Foundation "Edelweiss" offered 20,000 lei to four of the best teachers in the Nisporeni district.

"Congratulations on your dedication to educating generations of children. Here you have a merit diploma and a 20,000-lei grant from the Edelweiss Foundation. Congratulations," said Edelweiss Executive Director Lidia Cucos.

Five pupils were elected for 10,000-lei grants. Besides, they were released from the French language exam.

The award took place at the Laureates Gala, which took place in the Boris Cazacu High School in the town of Nisporeni.

Awards were also offered to other teachers present at the event.

They received from the Vlad Plahotniuc Foundation Edelweiss 1,400 lei.

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