Edelweiss Ambassadors School: Unusual experience at IT training for young people

The adventure of the students at the Edelweiss Ambassadors School goes on. The young people attended an IT training course: they learnt to program a robot.

Before the course, the youths were taken on a tour about the company Step IT. But they were mostly impressed at the robotics lecture.

"We have such an experience for the first time. It’s very interesting to create something and then see it moving, functioning. I’d create a home robot to help be cook and tidy up," said Beatricia Popovschi.

"I have programmed it and now it does everything I instructed it to do. I am very enthusiastic, I’m like a kid in a toys shop," said Igor Rodger, a student with the Edelweiss Ambassadors School.

"We have learnt new thing, worked in photoshop. With the Edelweiss Ambassadors School we have learnt lots of information in various fields. And I decided what to do with my career: I’d like to be a journalist," said student Alina Şterbeţ.

"I think the children have liked it a lot, they are very enthusiastic and I’m glad they’ve come to my lessons. Our goal is to let them start programming all by themselves, we want to develop their logics," said robotics trainer Elena Fedotova.

The students from the Edelweiss Ambassadors School have attended several IT courses this week.

"They have learnt professional fields, education opportunities and special training in the area. I hope some of them will decide on their further career," said coordinator with the Edelweiss Ambassadors School Sabina Crigan.

For the first time this year, Vlad Plahotniuc’s Edelweiss’s Foundation has organized career guiding courses for young people.

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