Economy Minister Octavian Calmic: Economic and institutional stability is necessary to attract investors

The banking and judiciary sectors must be reformed to attract foreign investors and develop the economy. This opinion was shared by the invitees of the "Țara lui Dogaru" show on Publika TV, yesterday evening. The experts maintain good infrastructure and skilled labor are needed to create a climate favorable to investing.

Economy Minister Octavian Calmîc said economic and institutional stability is needed to attract the foreign investors. Returning to the stableness path stimulates the foreign companies in Moldova expand their businesses and this is going to make this country competitive as to its neighbors.

"One of the largest investors in Moldova decided to expand and build a new production shed of 27,000 sq.m.. Another investor decided to take up the construction business and this means $20 million will be invested next year. We’re competing with other countries from the area, we must present an offer suiting these investors," Calmic said.

Other guests said reforming justice was another pivotal element, to protect potential investors’ businesses from being taken over.

"No monopolies should be accepted, direct or indirect cartels on certain markets. The investor is ready to invest but wants his investments fall on healthy and fertile soil," said lawyer Roger Gladei.

Experts maintain education also needed reforms.

"The education offer and demand should be tuned together. No need to produce millions of lawyers, on should produce engineers, IT specialists, other technicians, professions needed by investors," Mariana Rufa, the leader of the European Business Association.

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