Economy Minister makes optimistic forecasts about economic growth

Attracting more investment, creating well-paid jobs and increasing the GDP to 6%: these are the government’s priorities for 2017.

The optimistic forecasts were outlined last night the Fabrika show on Publika TV by Economy Minister Octavian Calmîc.  

"We’d like it very much to attain a two-figure growth rate. That would mean acceleration in the economic development. It would lead, in chain, to the people and their life standards," he said.

The Russian market remains a priority for the Moldovan exports: "We are positive this reboot in our relations with Russia will be ascending. Certainly it will be a recuperation of the partners’ trust at the level of companies and at the level of authorities."

Octavian Calmîc said more and more foreign businesspeople were interested in investing in Moldova: "We have two projects in the Bălţi free economic zone. A project will be launched at the middle of the year. The other -- in fall. It’s about 5,000 jobs."

According to the Economy Minister, the GDP growth will be possible due to intensive export promotion and enhancement of state aid to private companies. Steering a cautious tax policy, reducing the public expenses, reining in inflation and the stability of the national currency are also paramount.

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