Economy Minister Calmîc informs details on control institution reforms

Good news for economic agents - 57 control institutions will disappear. Details about their reorganization and optimization are by Deputy Prime Minister Octavian Calmic, in a press conference.

Thus, only 13 public institutions will be empowered to carry out controls on entrepreneurship to ensure the quality of products and services on the market. It's about:

The National Agency for Food Safety (ANSA),

- Agency for Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance,

- Agency for Technical Supervision,

- The National Agency for Public Health,

- Inspectorate for Environmental Protection,

- The National Auto Transport Agency,

- Civil Aviation Authority,

- The Naval Agency,

- The State Labor Inspectorate,

- The National Agency for Quality Assurance in Vocational Education,

- Customs Service,

- State Tax Service,

- National Center for Personal Data Protection.

Moreover, the controls will be scheduled, but some institutions will carry out unannounced checks if necessary. To ensure transparency in the control process, all inspector decisions will be stored in a digitized database, to which all economic agents will have access.

"We are trying to reduce pressure on the business environment gradually, to exclude abuses and at the same time to ensure the quality of goods placed on the market," Deputy Prime Minister Octavian Calmic said.

The Minister of Economy also announced the creation of the National Council for the examination of systemic problems regarding the enforcement of state control legislation.

"We will systematize all petitions, complaints that come from economic agents or consumers to find out what the problem is and come up with solutions," Calmic said.

Authorizations will begin the program to verify how consumers' rights are respected. At the initial stage, the control inspectors will come up with recommendations, and if the deviations continue, the necessary measures will be taken in accordance with the legislation.

Thus, the quality of services provided by mobile operators and taxi drivers in different localities will be checked. Also, the metrological aspects of market scales and shopping centers as well as the status of pumps at PECO stations will be checked.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that the objective of reducing burdens on economic agents is also laid down in the Strategy for the Reform of the Regulatory Framework for Entrepreneurial Activity for the years 2013-2020, approved by the Government.
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