Economy Minister: Agencies will check up business only if there are high risks

After the state canceled the moratorium on controls at companies, the controlling agencies will be able to check on firms only if there’s any risk for human life or for economic safety. Economy Minister Octavian Calmâc inked a recommendation urging them to provide more consulting instead of checkups on companies.

The order is valid till November 3, as all the controls will be strictly monitored not to allow abuses.

“We recommend them to inform, to prevent any risks related to consumers,” the deputy premier said. 

The authorities further plan to implement a so-called registry of controls.

Businesspeople back up the authorities’ initiative and say the unannounced checkups disturb businesses.

"It’s very pleasant to know you don’t get an unplanned control over night: the firm can focus on its business," said a manager.

The Government halted the controls on companies as of April 1 till September 1.

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