Economic Agents can start up a business in jails

Economic Agents can establish a business right in jail, where there is enough work force and spaces up for rent. According to data from Department of Penitentiary Institutions, over 6 thousand people, from the imprisoned 8 thousand, are fit for work.
At the prison for women from Rusca, for 25 years now, exists a tailor shop. Around 100 inmates are sewing uniforms for law enforcement. 

"Many wish to work. First of all, the administration is offering strategic courses, which lasts one month. Afterward, the women become seamstresses" prisoner Larisa said.
Svetlana begun working here since 2009. Her salary is of 2000 lei, while three worked days are shortening her sentence by 1 day.
"You are not wasting time. You are gathering days and money by the end of the month. And so, it's more bearable to be here" prisoner Svetlana said.
Each day, an employee can craft two uniforms each.
"This is the tailoring department. All materials are brought here, spread among the women and the process begins" inmate Tatiana said.
"We are abiding all laws and are paying salaries just like for any civilian. The advantages would be that the workforce is permanent" Sergiu Balan, director of the tailoring department from Rusca prison, declared.
In the 17 prisons from the country are activating 63 enterprises, of which 55 are private and 8 are state companies. Entrepreneurs are more and more interested in this possibility to expand their business. 

"We are ready to offer them new technology, new machines, to teach them. We are willing to pay them for their work as it is done in the whole country" entrepreneur Alexandra Can said.
To attract investors, representatives from Department of Penitentiary Institutions wish to change the legislation, so that rented spaces will be offered for free.
"We wish for a new law, regarding the prison administration, to make it so that there is no rent price for taking up space" deputy chief of the Department, Iuliana Moga said.
According to Department of Penitentiary Institutions, at the moment, around 1000 of inmates are employed.
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