Eastern Orthodox Church will begin today the Great Lent

Eastern Orthodox Church will begin today the Great Lent. For the next 40 days, Christians will stop eating meats, eggs and dairy products.

During this time, there will only be two days when people will be allowed to eat fish, on Palm Sunday as well as the Annunciation.

Nutritionists recommend people to not make any sudden changes in their food regime. Therefore, people are urged to maintain a varied, well-balanced diet.

There are also those who should not keep the fast.

"People with an ill health, children and elders should not keep the fast. If they wish to, it is recommended to do it only for a few days, or speak with a doctor beforehand. They must ensure to eat food providing with all the necessary nutrients. Especially children that are still growing, pregnant women, young mothers" nutritionist Luminiţa Suveică explained.

It is considered that during the Great Lent, Christians are purifying not only their bodies, but also souls.

People who wish to keep the fast must understand that simply restraining themselves from eating certain food is useless without good actions, such as internal peace, humility and forgiveness. 

The Easter this year in celebrated on 8 April.


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