Easter fair in Chisinau. What does it exhibit (PHOTO)

If you didn't decide what present to buy for your relatives on Easter, over 100 local producers exhibit a vast range of products at the Easter Fair from the Capital.

People are more interested in buying fish, because the Moldovans will celebrate the Floriilor Sunday soon. 

"I will buy some salted fish. I will also buy sweet bread and cake."

The sellers also exhibit sweet bread and Easter cakes.

"Here we have Easter cakes with orange, raisin. The dough is so soft. The prices are affordable, between 26 and 48 lei."

Some women also give advice on how to make sarmale.

"We need to cook them in a bowl made of clay. Such a bowl costs 300 lei", said Anatolie Rascu, craftsman.

Some of the participants at the exhibition give teaches the customers how to decorate their yard on Easter.

"Here you can not only find food, but also presents and decorative things", mentioned Alina Covas, organizer.

"The prices are a little bit too high, but only buy these decorations once a year."

"-How are the prices? -So so.

The Easter fair will be open until Tuesday, between 10 AM and 6 PM.

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