Easier trials. Government approved for Code of Civil Procedure to be modified

The Government has approved a new project according to which, the Code of Civil Procedure will be modified so that trail's duration will be reduced and citizens will receive citations through e-mail.

"Citizens will no longer need to walk kilometers from district, to wait hours in lines only to access a file they need to read. To submit a reference, or to make a payment" Minister of Justice Vladimir Cebotari declared.

Another change is solving civil cases while lacking the parties. A decision will be made based on presented materials, if the damages are less than 50 thousand lei.

"This change will improve the examination quality in more important cases where probes have to be presented" lawyer  Inga Albu said.

The project's authors decided to shorten the time required to examine a case, a fact which pleases the citizens.

"The faster, the better. A person wishes results as fast as possible, why should I walk around so much. Judges will no longer have filled folders on their tables, filers worth tens of years."

"The  trial's duration will be very short. There will be no reason to postpone a decision. The guilty person will have to pay for his actions."

A judge in Moldova examines daily, on average, 15 civil cases.


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