Easier access to social assistance. Now requests can also be submitted by phone

The procedure of gaining social assistance has been simplified. Now, people will also be able to submit requests over the phone and not only in paper form. Such thing is now possible due to changes approved by the Government regarding the way social assistance is established and paid.

"At a person's request, a social worker can apply for social assistance. There are many people who have a hard time filling in the form for social assistance" Minister of Health, Labor and Social Welfare, Stela Grigoraş declared.

The requests will be registered and examined using Automated Information System "Social Assistance". The changes require 100 000 lei to be implemented.

Incomplete applications will be accepted if the person will be ale to present all necessary documents over the next five days.

The new law also states that the Directorate for Social Assistance and Family Protection has to sign an agreement with the beneficiary.

As a result, eligible persons will assure that the money will be used for purchasing food, clothes, medicine and items children need for school.

Local commission will check if those resources are used appropriately. If breaches are found, the assistance will cease.

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