E-commerce dispute: Man from Floreşti complained to Consumer Protection Agency over online purchased tractor

Dumitru Cuşnir, from Roşieticii Vechi, Floreşti district, accused a Chisinau online store of cheating him after the 40-thousand -lei tractor he ordered did not coincide with the original. 

According to him, the wheels and milling were smaller than those indicated on the site, the front wings were different in size and the battery was tied to a wire.

He decided to get in touch with store representatives, and the answer disappointed him even more. 

“They asked me to return the tractor and I said it will cost me over 1200 lei. I don’t have money to do it. I'm not that rich to bring the tractor to them and take it home". 

Then, the man decided to file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency.

"The consumer was misled, the economic agent risked being sanctioned. The economic agent acknowledged the blame and wanted an amicable settlement, "said CPA inspector Ion Barbos.

Within a few days, representatives of the online store contacted him and delivered other wheels to his home. 

"I talked to the administration, but I can't give you an interview honestly. The problem was resolved", said the online shop consultant Tudor Cafcanari.

According to the Consumer Protection Agency, in the year 2017, around 2,500 petitions were received, nearly 400 more than in 2016.

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