Dumitru Crudu: How could you be pro-European and show pity for someone who shows hatred against Romania?

What amazes me most is that certain Moldovans with pro-European beliefs became overnight defenders of Usatîi, Grigorciuk and PSRM and they kick against you when you try to argue with them.

Some kicked against me these days when I expressed my surprise on social media that Usatîi was “forgiven”, and Grigorciuk was released from prison to home arrest.

My post irritated a lot some pro-Europeans. My questions displeased them so much that they began to accuse me for all the sins in the world. One lady revolted that Grigorciuk received a 5 years sentence for slapping an MP. Her anger had no limits.

According to her, Grigorciuk faced a great injustice when he was sentenced to five years of prison. And that now the truth triumphed. Hence, in her opinion, those who released Grigorciuk from prison and “forgiven” Usatîi are heroes. And how Grigorciuk and Usatîi are heroes themselves. Heroes of our time.

The paradox is that these citizens, with pro-European beliefs who defend a person who displays hatred against Romania, have not found a problem in the fact that Usatîi was “forgiven” from serving his sentence, without a trial, without anything, because this is how the red emperor wanted. It is not excluded that tomorrow may be also “forgiven” Filat, Lucinschi, Platon, Țopa brothers and these citizens of ours will not see a problem either then.

How can you be pro-European and not be interested in finding out how PSRM is financed? I don’t understand any of these. But perhaps that’s because I am too silly.


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