Dual education system allows pupils to gain experience, a paycheck and success in their chosen field

Pupils who will study in professional school with a dual education system will be paid. The pilot project launched in 2014 by Ministry of Education has proven to be a success, while authorities promise to create facilities for economic agents who wish to hire them.

Yesterday, new laws for dual education were approved by the Government.

29 pupils from Professional School No. 5 from Bălți will have the chance to practice in a cabling company.

Along with work experience, they will receive a salary of 2 500 lei and a free meal, ensured by the employer.

"It helps us learn new things. I will work here, in this company."

"This hall has all the equipment we will need for work. We can see with or own eye everything we have learned and it is easier to imagine how we will work in the future."

"We know for sure that after graduation we will have an employment. While those from other colleges will not have an easy time finding work in their field, as we do."


Even teachers claim that those who graduate from a dual education, do not need to gain experience and can find a work place faster.

"Along the way, of course the number of pupils grew. The company's requirements are even bigger now, as it grows and next year, we wish to employ as many as 60 pupils at three different jobs" director of Professional School No. 5 from Bălți, Lucia Caraiman said.

The employer also believes the program to be a beneficial one. As pupils have the chance to receive training.

"The most important thing I have noticed is that they have the chance to grow in this company. Therefore, we can see that during a year or two, they will pass through many stages of this enterprise, will gain deeper knowledge in the field than those hired from the outside" training manager, Vadim Bubulici said.

Dual education system was launched as a pilot project in 2014. At the time, only one company begun collaborating with a professional school. 

Now, over 40 companies offer salaries to pupils. Representatives from Ministry of Education claim that multiple opportunities are discussed to offer economic agents various facilities.

"We reached the stage where a document, establishing the requirements for professional development through dual education, is being drawn. It shows that we are willing to collaborate. We will analyze other opportunities to motivate economic agents to implicate. Some fiscal facilities will be analyzed"  head of Directorate for Professional Technical Education of the Ministry of Education, Silviu Gîncu declared.

There are a total of 22 professional schools with dual education in the country, offering this year over 800 work places, out of which 660 were taken.

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