Drunken car chase in Bălți

A drunk driver from Bălți has ignored an officer's signal to pull over on the Gagarina Street.

The 31-year-old driver from Mărinești village, Sângerei district and his two passengers, tried to escape from the police, but were chased and caught near Elizaveta village, Bălți.

The three men were escorted to the Police Department, where the driver was forced to take the breath test, the man’s blood alcohol level turning out to be 1.08 mg/l.

The driver now risks a 42.500 lei fine, as well as deprivation of driving licence for 3 to 5 years.

Patrol Inspectors recommend drivers to:

-not drive after consuming alcoholic beverage or feeling tired;

-drive carefully and maintain a proper distance between vehicles;

-not to try cut in front of other cars without making sure it was safe;

-show respect and patience toward other drivers and abide the traffic law.


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