Man close to Usatii, caught drunk, ‘performs’ in front of police

A former candidate of Partidul Nostru to the position of MP has ‘performed’ in front of the police, who had caught himd drunk and driving. According to, quoting police sources, the incident occurred last night in Codreni village of Cimișlia district. 

In the video one sees that Oleg Fedco refused to talk to patrol police having pulled him aside.

Them, the driver passed the alcohol test, which showed the allowed norm was exceeded six times.

Now he may remain without his license for three years. Oleg Fedco was the 25th on the list of Partidul Nostru’s candidate in the parliamentary elections of 2014.

He’s not the firts representative of Renato Usatii’s party getting invoved in such types of scandals. In Septembe 2016, another man close to Renato Usatîi was detained for illegal drug trafficking.

It was Nicolae Hacico, also having run for the 2014 elections.

Moreover, one of Usatîi’s friends is the gangster Grigore ‘Bulgarul’ Caramalac, who hides in Moscow and is Usatîi’s neighbor, but also Iurie Nedoseikin, former deputy president of Moldinconbank and a close man to Veaceslav Platon.

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